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Comprehensive SMM promotion for the Japanese diaper brand

The largest distributor of Japanese diapers-panties is our regular customer, with whom we have been working on the integrated SMM service for more than 1.5 years.

About the company

A brand of Japanese diapers-panties for children. The Kioshi product meets all the requirements of moms, has high quality and attractive price.


In March 2022, we decided to develop a priority direction — the VKontakte social network. The purpose of the development of this platform was to increase sales on marketplaces, in particular Ozon.

Content strategy​

We have developed a content strategy in which we focused on the generation of game mechanics, contests, and useful training information in order to attract as many customers as possible to marketplaces. Another area of content is shooting Clips on topics that interest all moms and dads. For example, how diapers-panties withstand moisture.

Targeted advertising

Advertising campaigns are conducted on the OZON and Wildberries marketplace, notifying users about discounts and special promo codes for products. Additionally, we support our activities in the group with targeted advertising: contests, activity rating, sweepstakes.

Competitive mechanics

On an ongoing basis, we conduct various competitive mechanics. For example, practical jokes-collaborations with major children’s brands, a creative photo contest, a rating of the most active users in the group. Additionally, in the Telegram channel of the brand, we conduct sweepstakes using a special bot. Of course, as a result of the activities, all winners receive branded diapers-panties from the brand, which increases loyalty and recognition among parents.

Marketing tools

We regularly brainstorm on the topic of increasing sales. Thus, we have developed special marketing tools taking into account the niche and target audience:

– Newsletter with weekly special offers.
– Seeding opinion leaders.
– Situational marketing: black Friday, cyber Monday, etc.
– Unique special projects with gamification. For example, the development of a sticker pack for a Telegram channel, the creation of a thematic quiz.

Promotion results

For 6 months of our work in the VKontakte network, we have reached the mark of more than 10 thousand subscribers. The result was obtained thanks to a well-built content strategy, brand communication with consumers and fine-tuning targeted advertising to the target audience. In the social network Instagram, we also reached the mark of 10 thousand subscribers. 

Brand awareness among parents has noticeably increased. Every day we receive dozens of product quality reviews, which we also use in our content strategy to consolidate brand confidence. 

At Ozon, we are a premium seller with a 4.8 product rating. Kioshi products have established themselves as a bestseller. We cannot fail to mention that thanks to the implementation of the special project, we raised sales for a period of 14 days to 2 million rubles.

More than 490 thousand brand products have already been sold on Wildberries.

Feedback about our work

Brandlife Agency performs its work with high quality. We have been working for more than 1.5 years. You can always rely on them and get an excellent result. Managers get in touch promptly, tasks are completed quickly, for which we are immensely grateful. The VK community is gaining subscribers with good speed, an active target audience. The content plan is always sent in time for approval and interesting and complementary headings are selected. The target is configured perfectly, the subscriber goes for a good price. They constantly present new ideas and are quickly replenished with high quality in life. Thank you for the fruitful work!
Nelly Polukhina
бренд-менеджер Kioshi и Manuoki

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