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Telegram channels for designers

It is important to learn about the latest trends, services, useful articles and files from the world of design, so we share our selection of TG channels that help you work.
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Logo redesign

If you locked up in a bunker without internet or communication, unscommuniced all the news and threw your phone into the river, chances are you’ve probably heard about Sber’s large-scale presentation anyway.
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Checklist content

Content is content. This is what your brand is filled with. And in the world of digital marketing it is texts and visuals (video, pictures, animation, gifs…), through which you communicate with your audience.
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10 new features on Instagram Direct

Instagram remade its messenger. In Direct, we’ll all have 10 new features soon.
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Pros of the unique design of the site

A unique design is when a site is done from scratch. Its structure, menu, functionality are developed, the appearance is thought out, the location of the elements design – everything from the beginning to the end is configured as the customer wants.
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Direct Update

Instagram has started rolling out its biggest Direct update, which has been synchronized with FB Messenger.