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Обложка кейса по смм продвижению


Not all furniture companies have time for daily posting materials and promotion in social networks. We close these problems on a turnkey basis. The main task: to build off the competition, competently present furniture brands and reach a steady stream of applications through a new channel.


For each furniture brand we have developed an SMM-strategy, positioning, corporate identity, tone of voice, content plan. We created pages from scratch to promote furniture of different price segments, conducted an analysis of competitors, developed development strategies. Sharing the results with you!


Pages in social networks convey all the variety of furniture products brand “Shatura”. Our task is to give the audience a general understanding of the range. We attract the attention of the audience by clearly demonstrating the product and provoking interest. Most of the content is devoted to available furniture compositions, interior accessories and decor items. The design concept is adapted to the brand identity.

As an additional promotion, we regularly run targeting ads for lead generation and traffic. For MK “Shatura” we developed a creative in the form of a seamless carousel, where we displayed all the main advantages of the brand. Thanks to promotion in social networks, the brand daily receives new applications from potential customers.


In order to promote the furniture store was effective, we have conducted preparatory steps:

  • Analysis of the company’s target audience
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • Customer site audit

Based on these data, we made a strategy for promoting and maintaining the account.

A separate task was to prepare an Instagram account. We worked out all the details. We created several design options to choose from, created a rubricator, a content plan, and a “topical” menu.

We also described how you can additionally film the product, the environment in the store, the work process, even just with your phone. As a result, we were able to come to a coordinated work with the managers and managers of the retail network.

“Furniture Moscow”

We developed a unique design for the Furniture Moscow brand. Logo, “Actual” menu icons, branded post templates. Filled out all the necessary information about the company. In our Instagram account, we focus on Reels videos, in which we talk about the history of different pieces of furniture, as well as interesting features.

Content plan for the niche of “custom-made furniture” consists of selling posts.
Targeted advertising is set up and run, tests on different target audiences.


Our goal is to increase brand awareness in the B2C segment, where the average check for a sofa is from 60,000₽.

The content was divided into:

  • Grocery with an increase in demand – showing furniture in the interior, affecting emotions, feelings.
  • Selling with the closure of objections – describe the characteristics of the goods, enter the rubrics “Sale” and “Product of the week.
  • Helpful with reinforcing expertise – giving advice on interior design and furniture selection.
  • Image with increasing loyalty – storytelling, brand story.
  • Interactive with audience engagement – running polls and voting.
  • Custom – we post situational photos with people.

Настраивается и запускается таргетированная реклама, проводится тестирование на различных целевых аудиториях.

“Kitchen Yard”

According to the content plan, informative, entertaining, engaging and selling posts were introduced.

In informative posts we talk about design, ergonomics and other pluses of kitchens. These are posts with a carousel, reviews on built-in appliances and the functionality of the kitchens themselves: what material is made of, useful features, care of fronts, innovations, their capabilities.

In engaging posts, we use posts with surveys and tips from subscribers. We also hold regular giveaways with targeted, relevant gifts. These are appliances from German manufacturers.

In selling posts we use promotions, posts with specific product items and offers.

We launched targeting ads for the brand. We regularly conduct tests on different target audiences.

“Central House of Furniture”

For Central House of Furniture, social media is a platform for active interaction with its key target audience – interior designers, partners and clients. The strategy of positioning the salon in the social network is based on presenting unique, interesting content to the audience.

First we worked out a portrait of the target client, from here we formed a narrative policy and promotion strategy, then we created a content plan, both visual and textual. We achieved a quality effect through visualizations and photos, jokes, clever texts, and tagging.

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They understood us absolutely right the first time and provided us with a package design concept, which was subsequently accepted and produced. We are very satisfied.


We entrusted the Brandlif team with the management of social networks. The work was always done qualitatively and on time. Recommended!


We worked together in a number of areas: from packaging design and outdoor advertising to comprehensive social media management. We have always been pleased with the results!


When it was time to think about a new name, a recognizable logo and corporate style, I turned to the Brandlif team. Not once did I regret it - the result surpassed all expectations!


Thank you Brandlif Digital Agency for the quality and prompt work, for the pleasant and sincere communication. Among the variety of proposals on the market only Dmitry Zabavin's team approached the issue with a keen interest, with a desire to produce a great result, and not just to work off the order.


We would like to thank the agency Brandlif for developing the site. The guys approached the process creatively, and we and our clients were happy with the result!


The Brandlif team took a comprehensive approach to working on our project, offering the latest and most advanced ways to promote the brand and product. When we came for the promotion of Instagram accounts, we got full-fledged marketing support for the whole business.


We express our gratitude to the agency Brandlif for the development of the site.
Young creative team, experts in their field. We were delighted with the site.


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