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Guards meat-packing plant


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On July 10, the subscribers of the Guards Meat Processing Plant were notified of the beginning of a large-scale battle for the Polaris home grill.

The battle for the grill turned into a culinary duel

Campaign mechanics

1. Subscribers prepare any dish using the products of "Gvardeisky MK";

2. The process of cooking is filmed with a video camera or photo camera, the products of "Guards MK" should be clearly visible (with and without packaging);

3. They send it to us in a LAN or put it on their pages and mark us - any way, the main thing is that we see the recipe.

How long have we achieved the result?

After 3 weeks, on behalf of the meat-packing plant, we chose 10 finalists (who were guaranteed to receive gifts in the form of branded packages with the meat-packing plant's products) and offered to determine their future fate to the public. Noting that they can involve acquaintances, friends, family and ask for help.

On August 7, votes were counted in the Vk public and on the Instagram account and the winner was announced.

All stages of the competition were supported by targeting and reposts to large communities of the city from the Central Asia "Guards MK".

Results and figures

The selected mechanics worked in such a way that we got a huge amount of content generated by the most loyal users to the brand.

Unlimited approaches to recipes led to more involvement of the contact audience in the process.

Among all participants in quality one participant stood out. Unfortunately, she took only 3rd place.

Since simple and understandable recipes for the consumer, with beautiful graphic design, were leading in terms of engagement, we decided to offer cooperation to this participant.

This proposal was found positive response from the participant. We offered her to become a brand ambassador.

Terms of cooperation: we give her products, she gives us beautiful and delicious photo recipes.

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They understood us absolutely right the first time and provided us with a package design concept, which was subsequently accepted and produced. We are very satisfied.


Artyom Gavrilov

Development Director, CIT Ltd.

We entrusted the Brandlif team with the management of social networks. The work was always done qualitatively and on time. Recommended!


Natalia Gritsun

Leading Public Relations Specialist at Khrabrovo Airport JSC

We worked together in a number of areas: from packaging design and outdoor advertising to comprehensive social media management. We have always been pleased with the results!


Ivan Kashuba

Marketing Director of Gvardeysky Meat-Packing Plant

When it was time to think about a new name, a recognizable logo and corporate style, I turned to the Brandlif team. Not once did I regret it - the result surpassed all expectations!


Oleg Martynov

Founder of Sundeco

Thank you Brandlif Digital Agency for the quality and prompt work, for the pleasant and sincere communication. Among the variety of proposals on the market only Dmitry Zabavin's team approached the issue with a keen interest, with a desire to produce a great result, and not just to work off the order.


Angelica Remez

Managing Partner of Remez Group LLC

We would like to thank the agency Brandlif for developing the site. The guys approached the process creatively, and we and our clients were happy with the result!


Aeroland Skydive

The Brandlif team took a comprehensive approach to working on our project, offering the latest and most advanced ways to promote the brand and product. When we came for the promotion of Instagram accounts, we got full-fledged marketing support for the whole business.


Marina Kozubskaya

Assistant manager of the Swarovski store chain

We express our gratitude to the agency Brandlif for the development of the site.
Young creative team, experts in their field. We were delighted with the site.

Kedar LLC team


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