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Ministry of Nature of the Russian Federation


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The rebranding of the corporate identity should be aimed at increasing the awareness of the Ministry in order to attract more attention to its work.


The corporate identity conveys the main idea and directions of the Ministry’s work, namely: the implementation of functions for the development of state policy and legal regulation in the field of study, use, reproduction and protection of natural resources.

The use of additional graphic elements allows you to create an emotional environment that enhances the essence of the messages.

Graphic elements create a friendly yet formal business corporate identity: modern, clean and concise.

Corporate identity elements work well in conjunction with photographic images.

The main colors of the corporate identity are the variations of the colors used on the emblem of the Ministry, directly associated with the activities and values ​​of the organization.

Дизайн журнала для "Министерство природы РФ"
Дизайн календаря "Министерство природы РФ"
Дизайн бейджа "Министерство природы РФ"
Дизайн папки для бумаг "Министерство природы РФ"
Дизайн флешки "Министерство природы РФ"

Concept adopted

The customer was offered & nbsp; three concepts of the brandbook project and the concept that is presented below was ultimately adopted.

Дизайн календаря "Министерство природы РФ" 2
Дизайн папки для бумаг "Министерство природы РФ" 2
Дизайн блокнота "Министерство природы РФ"
Дизайн пакета "Министерство природы РФ"

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They understood us absolutely right the first time and provided us with a package design concept, which was subsequently accepted and produced. We are very satisfied.


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Thank you Brandlif Digital Agency for the quality and prompt work, for the pleasant and sincere communication. Among the variety of proposals on the market only Dmitry Zabavin's team approached the issue with a keen interest, with a desire to produce a great result, and not just to work off the order.


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We express our gratitude to the agency Brandlif for the development of the site.
Young creative team, experts in their field. We were delighted with the site.


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