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Enterprise for the production and wholesale of meat and sausage products


Corporate Identity

Логотип для компании "Поречие"


Develop a corporate identity and product packaging that reflects the high quality and serious attitude of manufacturers to their business.


The iconic part of the logo is the image of the Allenau church. This is a monument of history and architecture in the village of Porechye, Pravda district. We connect the concept of packaging with the name and add interesting details that speak not only about the quality of raw materials, but also about the attitude of producers to their business. The color scheme for the packaging is black and white, reflecting the premium nature of the brand. The concise label is conveniently scaled to different types of packaging within the brand.
Мудборд для компании "Поречие"
Иконка из логотипа "Поречие"
Вариаты использования логотипа для разной продукции компании "Поречие"
Дизайн фартука для сотрудников "Поречие"
Дизайн оберточной бумаги "Поречие"
Дизайн фартука в белом цвете для сотрудников "Поречие"
Дизайн упаковки для сосисок "Поречие"
Дизайн упаковки для вяленой колбасы "Поречие"

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