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Food Truck with Asian Cuisine "Check In"


Corporate Identity

About company

“Check In” is a mobile Asian food truck café for the sale of fast food and drinks.

The institution embodies traditional recipes and author’s gastronomic ideas, seasoned with love for delicious food and the juicy colors of Asia.


Develop a comprehensive identity for Asian street food, reflecting the national features and characteristics of the cuisine.


The developed positioning concept is based on creating a sense of the brand, “that” noodles in boxes from favorite American movies.

The logo in the form of a smiling fat cat tells about the main specialty and creates an image of hospitality. The character arouses consumer sympathy, building communication with them. The logo is complemented by the pattern of traditional Asian sei-gai-ha (a wave of blue ocean).

If we can’t get to Asia, let Asia get to us!

Bright and saturated colors will draw attention, convey the atmosphere of the institution and the main message of the brand – hospitality and hospitality, as well as the unforgettable taste of “the very” noodles in the boxes.

The main corporate font is Songer in SemiExpanded – bright and friendly. It is used for titles and important text. An additional font is Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro, in Regular and Bold – neutral and readable. It is used for the main typesetting text and footnotes.

We developed a pattern of the traditional Asian sei-gei-ha (wave of the blue ocean) pattern, complete with a branded character. The pattern is used in the design of packages and other media.

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They understood us absolutely right the first time and provided us with a package design concept, which was subsequently accepted and produced. We are very satisfied.


We entrusted the Brandlif team with the management of social networks. The work was always done qualitatively and on time. Recommended!


We worked together in a number of areas: from packaging design and outdoor advertising to comprehensive social media management. We have always been pleased with the results!


When it was time to think about a new name, a recognizable logo and corporate style, I turned to the Brandlif team. Not once did I regret it - the result surpassed all expectations!


Thank you Brandlif Digital Agency for the quality and prompt work, for the pleasant and sincere communication. Among the variety of proposals on the market only Dmitry Zabavin's team approached the issue with a keen interest, with a desire to produce a great result, and not just to work off the order.


We would like to thank the agency Brandlif for developing the site. The guys approached the process creatively, and we and our clients were happy with the result!


The Brandlif team took a comprehensive approach to working on our project, offering the latest and most advanced ways to promote the brand and product. When we came for the promotion of Instagram accounts, we got full-fledged marketing support for the whole business.


We express our gratitude to the agency Brandlif for the development of the site.
Young creative team, experts in their field. We were delighted with the site.


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