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Special project "Look,
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Brand of Japanese diaper panties KIOSHI


Special project
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About company

The largest distributor of Japanese diapers is our regular client, with whom we have been working on the service of integrated SMM for more than 1 year.

In March 2022 we decided to develop a priority area – social network VKontakte. The purpose of the development of this site was to increase sales on the marketplace, in particular Ozon. Adapting to the new social network, we generated various mechanics for promoting and attracting the target audience to the group. Having analyzed activity in the group, the behavior of the target audience and consumer preferences, we began developing a special project for KIOSHI.

Project Stages


A special project in marketing is an outreach tool that playsfully introduces the brand to new users and reminds old customers of the brand. With its help, you can build off from competitors who use conventional advertising, directly raise sales or set the starting point of a full-fledged marketing campaign.

We divided the special project into 3 stages:

  • Quiz. This is a kind of test in the form of a game, which we develop on an additional platform. It is also more objective and understandable to users format.

  • Photo contest. On the basis of VKontakte platform we launch a photo-competition for subscribers with a theme “Look how well they fit!

  • Clips. Dynamic VKontakte videos that provide additional coverage and engagement of users.

Project goal


Before starting work on the special project, we analyzed the behavior of the target audience. The client encountered the problem of “leakage” of promo codes, so there was no clear understanding of the channel from which traffic came to the marketplace. For the same reason the database of email addresses and contacts of buyers was not collected.

Diving into this problem, we developed a special project for KIOSHI, where the main objectives were: to increase sales, optimize the work with promo codes, involve the audience in an interesting project, increase brand awareness.

For the successful implementation of the project we set KPIs, which should be achieved.

Stopped at a point from 700 to 1000 unique hits during 2 weeks of the project while maintaining the targeting advertising. 

Before the launch, we made the following prediction: 

90% of participants will reach the final of the quiz;
80% expected to leave an email;
75% will use a promo code and make a purchase on the Marketplace.
Calculations were made taking into account the behavior of the audience and their reaction to promotional activities in the group. 

Thus, with an average diaper price of 1,000₽, the purchase revenue for 75% of participants would be 750,000₽; for a purchase of 2 packs of diapers, it would be 1,300,000₽.



We used the image thesis that we develop in the KIOSHI brand. For the special project we chose the ideal size for a baby – the panties fit well and don’t chafe even during active play. Accordingly, the topic of the quiz was “What diaper panties are right for your baby? When developing the quiz, we created various scenarios, the end result of which was to collect contact information and get a promo code.



In addition to the quiz, we connected the integration, set up and optimized the mailing service, so that promo codes would promptly arrive in the mail. So the user could immediately use the promo code and make a purchase on the marketplace.

The email template had a certain structure, which included trigger headings for the limited time of the promotion and the quantity of the product.

Photo contest


During the 2nd stage, a photo contest for subscribers was launched with the theme “Look how well they fit! The concept of the photo contest overlapped with the chosen UTP: KIOSHI fits everyone.

The task of the contest was to upload a picture of babies in KIOSHI diapers to a special album. The three winners were chosen by a jury. We drew the top prize with a random number generator in a live broadcast.

As part of the contest, users shared their own content, which generated a great response and trust from the audience.




We launched a series of videos in the “Clips” format with the same UTP, showing how comfortable the babies are in KIOSHI panties. 

This channel helped us gain additional coverage to attract users to the quiz and photo contest.

Also thanks to this mechanic, we were able to identify talented content makers among the participants, which allowed us to broadcast the lives of their children in KIOSHI diaper panties.

We contacted some of them with an offer to become brand ambassadors to represent us in a positive light and thereby help increase awareness and sales.

Results of the special project


The special project was designed for 2 weeks, but in the first 2 days of implementation we achieved the set KPI of 700 unique passes of the quiz without targeting advertising. After a week with the help of targeting advertising we exceeded the maximum KPI by gathering a warm base of more than 1000 leads.

We asked the customer for sales statistics using our unique promo code. The result surprised the whole team!

During the quiz we sold more than 5,000 products worth over 2,000,000 rubles.

Thanks to the well-thought-out mechanics and in-depth analysis of the needs of the target audience, we achieved an excellent result.

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They understood us absolutely right the first time and provided us with a package design concept, which was subsequently accepted and produced. We are very satisfied.


We entrusted the Brandlif team with the management of social networks. The work was always done qualitatively and on time. Recommended!


We worked together in a number of areas: from packaging design and outdoor advertising to comprehensive social media management. We have always been pleased with the results!


When it was time to think about a new name, a recognizable logo and corporate style, I turned to the Brandlif team. Not once did I regret it - the result surpassed all expectations!


Thank you Brandlif Digital Agency for the quality and prompt work, for the pleasant and sincere communication. Among the variety of proposals on the market only Dmitry Zabavin's team approached the issue with a keen interest, with a desire to produce a great result, and not just to work off the order.


We would like to thank the agency Brandlif for developing the site. The guys approached the process creatively, and we and our clients were happy with the result!


The Brandlif team took a comprehensive approach to working on our project, offering the latest and most advanced ways to promote the brand and product. When we came for the promotion of Instagram accounts, we got full-fledged marketing support for the whole business.


We express our gratitude to the agency Brandlif for the development of the site.
Young creative team, experts in their field. We were delighted with the site.


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