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Packaging design

Product packaging is the deciding factor that determines the competitiveness of your product on the shelf. To take or not to take – a decision that the average buyer makes in 5 seconds. With us, the risk of being in the 2nd category is minimized.

Statistically, 60% of your clients are visuals. And that is why the development of packaging design is one of the leading areas of our development.

What do you get?

Matching price positioning

A sound reflection of the properties and qualities of the product

Packaging design that matches the preferences of the target audience

Packaging that stands out perfectly on the shelf

Increased sales

Our competencies

Analysis and development

Conducting a detailed analysis of the competitor market

Circulation of packaging

Forming a unique trade offer (UTP)

Picking up materials for packaging

Designing with the characteristics of the marketplace

Preparing layouts for production


from 1300 €

from 850 €


portfolio item

Finland X-Cut

Development of packaging for the Finland brand

portfolio item


Development of a logo and packaging design for MK “Gvardeisky”

portfolio item

Guards meat-packing plant

Development of packaging for the Guards Meat Processing Plant


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