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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity – a system of visual identification of the company on the market. It makes your business recognizable and helps it stand out from the competition.

Our experience shows that the presence of corporate identity increases the value of your product or service in the eyes of consumers.

What do you get?

A recognizable logo

Graphic elements of the corporate identity

Advanced visual identification

Principles of working with advertising and marketing materials

Our competencies

Analysis of the company and its strengths

Logo development
branded style

Highlighting the main positioning strategy

Brandbook development

Brand platform development


от 1500 €

от 1150 €


portfolio item

Progress Grow

Development of a unique corporate identity, logo and label for a new brand of microgreens.

portfolio item

Coffee Cult Ministry

Creating a corporate identity and logo for the coffee shop “Coffee Cult Ministry”

portfolio item

Solntsev and Partners

Creating a corporate identity for the law firm Solntsev & Partners


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