Corporate identity development in Kaliningrad, the price of the logo

Logo development. Creating a corporate identity of the company

Let’s create a corporate identity that reflects the concept of your brand. We will develop a recognizable logo that will set you apart from the competition. Let’s turn an unnamed company into a strong brand.

Создание логотипа и фирменного стиля

What is corporate identity? What is it for?

Corporate identity is a complex of verbal and non—verbal components that reflect personality, business concept, purpose of products, and the company’s attitude to its customers and clients.

It includes:

Corporate identity solves the following tasks:

Corporate identity makes the brand recognizable in the market, stimulates the purchase of goods, guarantees quality, helps to convey the values of the company. It unites employees and helps them achieve a common goal.
As well as corporate identity:

1 Increases brand awareness, increases brand importance — stylistic elements A trademark is distinguished from hundreds of others

2 Creates a stable emotional connection with consumers,
encouraging the purchase of goods

3 Thanks to the visual system, it reduces the cost of interacting with consumers

4 By creating a holistic image, it improves the results of advertising campaigns and reduces advertising costs

5 Simplifies the introduction of new products to the market, as they appear on sale under a well-known brand

6 It forms a team spirit, helps to attract employees who dream of achieving a common goal

We offer the creation of a corporate identity. We take into account your goals, target audience, and competitors in the industry. This helps us to show the brand’s personality in order to lead to its success.

What is a logo and what is it for business

A logo is a minimal stylistic unit that embodies the visual image of a brand. It is placed on all branded media, for example, business cards, billboards.

The logo is the “business card” of the company, by which consumers recognize it among hundreds of others. He shows the concept of the business, creates an image of the brand, displays its values, forms the opinion of other people about it.

Why do we need a unique corporate identity?

Have you ever thought that the names of some brands are used everywhere, even if the product has nothing to do with them? When we see a candy on a stick, we most often call it “Chupa-chups”, and baby diapers — “Diapers”.

A successful brand identity puts it in the lead, fixes it in the minds of consumers, motivating them to call similar things by their names. This is the highest stage of successful stylistics that you need to go to.

Advantages of corporate identity and logo development

To stand out in the market and achieve consumer loyalty, it is not enough just to place a logo on all media. It is necessary to create a powerful design system that will ensure the company’s recognition, help it build communication with the audience, and keep its attention.

Logo Functions:

The logo, as well as the corporate identity, includes several components that create an associative relationship with the trademark. A good identity does not become outdated, but gradually scales up, adapts to new marketing tasks and increases brand awareness.

If you do not have a logo or it does not stand out among competitors, then you lose the chance to consolidate your business in the minds of consumers. People often leave unknown companies for more popular ones, and businesses lose profits.

Do you want your products to be recognized, and the audience to pay not only for the products, but also for the brand? Order the development of a corporate identity from Brandlif!

What will a business get after creating a corporate identity

For a successful business to work, you need to create an identity that reflects the values, mission of the company, distinguishes it from competitors and increases sales.

Our task is to make your business unique, recognizable, and in demand due to the elements of corporate identity. Let’s take on the identity for the effective development of the company!

Here's what you'll get:

Recognition. Your company will be recognized from hundreds or even thousands of similar ones. Most customers will choose your brand among many unknowns.

Saving money. A unique style will help you reduce the number of advertising campaigns, because your brand will already be known "by sight".

Loyalty. Recognition will increase your importance in the eyes of the audience. Customers will trust your company more and order services more often.

Increased sales. Products of the brand that are "on the rumor" will be searched in stores and bought more often, which will increase profits.

Visualization. The identity will tell you about your work and bring new clients.


from 190 000 ₽

from 149 000 ₽

The stages of creating a corporate identity

That’s what we do:

Let's explore.

We analyze the goals and objectives of the project. We define the semantic theory. We highlight the graphic techniques necessary to develop an identity that will help you stand out in a competitive environment. In the course of our work, we analyze the market, evaluate world experience and study trends. Due to this, we determine the parameters that will become the basis of the work. We discuss and coordinate the results with the client.

We are developing a concept and a metaphor.

We come up with a metaphor that helps to translate the essence of the brand into a figurative plane, emphasizing its emotional components. We find the main idea that will form the basis of the logo, corporate identity. We offer concepts that embody the essence of the brand. We carefully study the structure of all components of the design. We are testing them for possible scaling and harmonious placement on different media.

We are working on the final stage.

We analyze all the elements, design the media and prepare them for production. The components of the identity can be placed on the company's website, in the interior, on banners, in booklets, presentations, etc. The exact list of media depends on the project and is determined individually.

We are preparing a guideline.

The guideline is the rules for placing corporate identity on advertising media. It helps to maintain the unity of design and successfully scale the elements of identity, which is very important for brands that conduct active marketing. We are laying the foundations of a unique style at the concept stage. We harmoniously integrate them into the guideline so that you can enjoy your identity and use it for business benefit.

The development of the style includes the creation of:

  • the color scheme;
  • font sets;
  • pictograms;
  • graphic components;
  • principles of layout;
  • images;
  • photo style.

The service includes the creation of:

  • A logo is a symbol or image that represents a brand, organization, or product;
  • corporate colors, that is, those that will be used on all elements of the identity;
  • an individual font that will be placed on all media where the text occurs;
  • special elements, for example, letterheads, business cards, packaging, “telling” about your brand;
  • A brandbook is a document containing all information about the brand, including a portrait of target customers, positioning, and rules for creating style media.

Why is it better to order corporate identity development from us

In our work, we implement the principles that help to achieve the desired results:

Strengths We reveal the essence and advantages of the brand through identity. We position the strengths of the company. We help to achieve customer loyalty.

Uniqueness. We convey the individuality and “character” of the brand. We create a unique embodiment of the company's image. We distinguish it from the competitors.

Consistency. We work in several stages. We create all the elements of identity in a single style, which gives the consumer a single impression of the brand.

Adaptability. We are preparing an adaptive design for the use of corporate identity components on different media.

Take the first step to a successful business today. Order the development of a corporate identity and brand logo from experienced designers.

Answers to frequently asked questions

We have collected answers to frequently asked questions

It includes the main components of the company’s style:

  • logo;
  • the color scheme;
  • fonts.

Their combinations are used to create letterheads, presentations, business cards, envelopes, pens, and other items from the brand.

It is reflected in the brandbook. The latter includes design templates for print advertising, branding of cars, pens, clothes, shoes.

It usually takes about a month for one project, however, additional time is required to create a brandbook, which is negotiated with the client.

The results of the work are discussed with the customer. If necessary, they are adjusted.

We conclude an agreement with each client, in which we specify the cost, terms, cost of work, warranty obligations, and our responsibility.

We consider successful projects, as well as customer reviews, to be an important confirmation of quality.

It allows you to evaluate your competitors, analyze their logos and determine how a brand can stand out in a competitive environment.

Logo and corporate identity

Logo development. Creating a corporate identity of the company Let’s create a corporate identity that reflects the concept of your brand. We will develop a recognizable logo that will set you apart from the competition. Let’s turn an unnamed company into a strong brand. DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION What is corporate identity? What is it for? […]


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