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Seamless carousel

Carousel in Instagram is a publication format that allows you to attach several consecutive photos or videos to one post. The seamless design of the carousel implies that the boundaries between its individual fragments are not visible.

Compared to an ordinary picture or a single photo, a carousel generates more interest in your target audience.

Why create a seamless carousel?

All bloggers and SMM managers already know that carousels gain more interactions, likes, comments and saves than publications with images or videos. Getting more reactions on Instagram is now even easier by posting unique content and adding a call to action on the last slide.
A post with a carousel can appear in a subscriber’s feed several times: first with the first image, and later with another from the carousel. This way, you get even more views and increase your reach with a single post.
By scrolling through the first pictures, the subscriber notices the seamless design and is more likely to scroll to the end. The number of such actions is positively evaluated by the network algorithm.

What do you get?

Generate more interest in the brand

Persuade me to flip to the end

Increase page coverage

Increase engagement


Seamless carousel


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