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Multifunctional trade and logistics complex.


Corporate identity
Navigation system


To develop a modern visual communication system, taking into account the historical heritage of the territory where the Brauerei Ostmark brewery was located, which has been brewing beer in Königsberg since 1910.


Связь времён транслируется через фирменный знак в виде стилизованной  под готическую заглавную букву «О» из названия комплекса “Остмарк”. Также области нанесения и знак делятся по правилу золотого сечения.
Основными цветами выбраны графит, светло-серый и жёлтый. Последний символизирует «пивное» прошлое и энергичное развитие в будущем. 

Development of the navigation system

Visual communication continues in the developed navigation system. As in the identity, its task is to link the modern style with the aesthetics of the industrial region of East Prussia.

The main task of navigation is to link the different areas of use and purpose of the multifunctional complex.

For this, the systematic nature of the territory, marking of buildings and driveways, and routes of movement were developed.

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